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The Nelson Elementary School Curriculum

Instruction at Nelson School is delivered in small classrooms that occasionally include multi-grades. Within each classroom, students learn through one-on-ones, small and large groups, partner work and differentiated instruction. Beyond the classroom structure, students participate in weekly all-school learning experiences that include all-school sings, family-style lunches, multi-age recess, assemblies, multi-age community service, and whole school projects. The tenets of the Responsive Classroom are the backbone of our philosophy and guide our instruction in the areas of reading, integrated language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and the integrated arts. Technology is woven into all aspects of the curriculum.

The Nelson School staff has been implemented Eureka Math as its core math curriculum. This program provides students with a strong math vocabulary and problem solving skills. With an increased focus on math and how it can be applied across the various curriculums, our students have shown improvement in their state assessments.

With the adoption of the NexGen Science standards, our students are learning about science in a practical, hands on approach. Utilizing activities and units that are aligned with these standards is teaching our students how to problem solve and become more independent thinkers. Nelson School has had a partnership with the Harris Center for Conservation in neighboring Hancock, New Hampshire. They have a Naturalist instruct our students weekly as one of our Specials. Students in the fifth grade, participate in a week-long residential Ecology Camp experience at Ferry Beach Ecology School in Sacco, Maine. (please note deletions here) Being an environmentally conscious school, we have an all-school recycling program.

Social Studies is offered at all grade levels. In kindergarten through second grade, the focus is self, family, school community, and local community helpers. During the third and fourth grade years, the focus shifts to Nelson history and New Hampshire history. In their fifth grade years, students expand their knowledge of United States history and geography and expand their knowledge of other countries and ancient civilizations.

The music program at Nelson School consists of weekly music classes for all grades, a weekly all-school sing, as well as after-school band and strings programs. What is unique at Nelson is the remarkably strong singing culture, lively folk dance at all school gatherings which strengthens our school community, and the effective use of instruments for instruction and performance.