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Welcome to Nelson School

We pride ourselves on being an open and inclusive community committed to providing the highest quality learning experience for all students and adults.

Nelson Elementary School is a community that cares about its children, their families, and its teachers. As a school community we enjoy learning, working together, and providing Nelson students with experiences that will help them grow and develop in ways that will make the community proud and the students confident in their ability to succeed in all endeavors they pursue.

Nelson School is nestled in the small rural community of Nelson, New Hampshire. The school is surrounded by mountains and Granite Lake is within a five minutes' walk. Nelson School is a kindergarten through grade five elementary school that serves the communities of Nelson and Sullivan. After the 5th grade, our students then attend Keene Middle School and then Keene High School.

Although we are a small school, we are fortunate to be able to provide a multi-faceted educational program for our students because of the strong support of the Nelson and Sullivan communities. We have a standards based curriculum academic curriculum and an experienced and seasoned staff who create rich, meaningful learning opportunities for all students that help develop their talents and skills. In addition to traditional academic programs, Nelson students benefit from art, music, physical education, world language, guidance, health, and Nature Studies. Technology is embedded into our curriculum and we have Promethean Boards as well as computers in every classroom.

Special needs students are serviced by the special education program. Together with safety net services for primary grades in reading, Title I also offers small group support in reading and math. We believe in everyone becoming involved with the development of the whole child. By this, we believe that the whole child includes advancing academically, physically, socially, and emotionally.

We strive to develop positive relationships with our parents and foster community relationships and support. A positive home-school connection supports academic success so please take time to become actively involved in your child's education by forming a partnership with your child's teacher, volunteering when your schedule allows, attending parent teacher conferences, and contacting us when concerns and issues arise. The time you devote to your child's education will provide dividends in your child's future.

Thank you for visiting Nelson School's web site. It is one additional tool through which we are able to communicate the wonderful happenings at Nelson School. Our vision is that this website will be beneficial to parents, teachers, students, the community in which we reside as well as the global community and prospective new families and parents.